Under attack

I’ve told you all about the terrifying experience of having to kill a giant white spider. Lucy was a white widow, by the way. My friend researched it for me. I looked her up online, shuddered and closed the browser. But besides spiders, there are other creatures in Mongolia that are just as dangerous. Maybe even more because while you expect a spider to bite, you wouldn’t guess a squirrel to be evil. But they are.Especially when there are so many. We were staying at a ger camp near the hot springs of Tsenkher, which is a beautiful area. The rolling hills were covered with trees, an unusual sight for anyone coming from southern Mongolia. Our camp had two pools filled with water from the hot springs and my plan was to soak in those pools and relax. Which I did, oblivious to what was going on in our gers.

Such an idyllic place
Such an idyllic place

We didn’t see the full extend of the disaster until the next morning. The squirrels had broken in and they had made more of a mess than I could have ever imagined. I wasn’t surprised that they had gone for the food. What did surprise me was that they had found chocolate that was still in its original wrappings, stuffed into a waterproof and sealed plastic bag. How did they even know what was in there? Even worse, they had climbed up on my room mate’s bed and peed on her sheets. But while sheets and mattress could be changed easily by the staff, the girl who had squirrel poo all over her bag was less lucky. If they had left their droppings in a corner, we might not have seen them. Or we could have ignored them. But no, they had to climb into her bag and make a mess all over it. Who knew squirrels were that evil?

Don't try to look innocent. I can see right through you.
Don’t try to look innocent. I can see right through you.

The next day was spent eating our remaining snacks while watching our gers closely and chasing away the squirrels. We got unexpected help from a couple of eagles, who kept circling above our camp. We also got sick from too much chocolate. But at least, the squirrels didn’t get it.

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