All the posts I’ve done on this site have been posted from home. Since I’ve mostly been on weekend trips, I never felt the need to give you an update on where I am. Plus, I am so busy while travelling, I am not sure I’ll be good at posting.
Which is why I’m using this trip as a test on how good I am at posting from the road. I am currently sitting at the airport in Bangkok, waiting for my connecting flight to Yangon. My friend and I are going on a two-week trip to Myanmar and we have most of the route planned out already.
From Yangon, we are hoping to go on a day trip to the Golden Rock. In theory, it is possible and I have read of people who have done it so we’re going to try it, too.
Next stop will be Mandalay, from where we’re going on an overnight cruise down to Bagan. I’m very excited about seeing the pagodas there and enjoying the sunrise from a hot air balloon.
We will make our next stop at the Inle Lake which I’ve heard is a stunning place. We have three nights there before it’s back to Mandalay and then home.
For now, I’m still sitting at the gate, trying hard not to fall asleep. It’s been a long day of travelling and I’m looking forward to getting there.



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