Burmese Cooking Class at Inle Lake

From the plains of Bagan, we travelled straight to Inle Lake where we had two days. We had the vague idea of taking a boat trip on the lake but besides that, we hadn’t planned anything yet.
On our first evening, we sat down in a restaurant when we saw a sign on the wall. ‘Myo Myo Homecooking Class’, it read. After a quick discussion about whether or not it would be fun, we asked the woman working in the restaurant about it. 20.000 kyats per person she told us, which is a bit less than 20$. I don’t think you can get a cooking class for that price anywhere else in the world.
The class started at half past eight in the morning with a market tour. We were lucky that day. The five-day-market, which rotates around five different cities near Inle Lake, was in Nyaungshwe and the market place was far more busy than usual.

So many people!

We bought meat, fish and vegetables, stopped to learn about spices and traditional snacks that were cooked at small market stalls.




If we had wanted to, we could have bought everything else we needed. Clothes, shoes, knives, baskets and hats.



After we were done shopping, we rented bikes and drove to Myo Myo’s house. She lives in a village just at the edge of Nyaungshwe. Her kitchen was outside. She is so lucky to live in a place warm enough to be able to cook in her garden.


First came the rice. Then, we started preparations for a chicken and a fish curry.

Look at all that garlic. They love garlic here.
Chicken curry

Cooking was a lot of fun. Myo Myo gave us precise instructions that I wrote down so we would remember the recipes back home.

Fish curry

We didn’t stop at those two curries but went on to make a tea leaf- and an avocado salad. Oh, and did I mention that we made a soup, too?
The preparations took a while whereas cooking itself turned out to be very quick. Once we were done, we sat down at a bamboo table and had lunch.

The food we cooked was far too much for the two of us. But it was delicious. And have I mentioned how nice and welcoming Myo Myo was? Not only did we learn how to cook, we also got an insight into Burmese life.
If you want to do that cooking class yourself, you should ask at Lin Htett restaurant, which can be found on Yone Gyi Rd (the main road in Nyaungshwe), just east of the market. The people there are very friendly. Just tell them which day you want to do the class and then show up at half past eight. Easy like that.
So what about you? Have you ever done a cooking class abroad? Did you enjoy it?

5 thoughts on “Burmese Cooking Class at Inle Lake

  1. Lovely post and great pictures! We were in Myanmar a couple of months ago – what a fantastic country. Sadly we didn’t have time for Inle lake… or a cooking class for that matter (sob) so very envious of you! I would love to know how to make the delicious Burmese tea leaf salad – yum.


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