Easter Weekend at Home – Exploring Local Museums

Easter will pass in a blur for me. I have to work for the next three days so I will not have time to enjoy the holiday. But I did have today off and I used the day to explore the city I live in.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it somewhere. I’m from Rostock, a hanseatic city in Northern Germany. To my surprise, when I went to Myanmar, I met both an Australian and a Canadian who had heard of Rostock. Even Germans can’t always place it on the map.

Being a hanseatic city, we have a lot of history here. Rostock’s university is the oldest in Northern Germany and our harbour used to be very important for trade routes across the Baltic Sea. During the middle ages, four churches dominated our skyline and, as I learned today, monasteries were spread all over town. Unfortunately, one of the churches and almost all of the monasteries have been destroyed. One of them is still standing and it is now a museum.


Entrance is free and going into a museum seemed like the perfect way to use this rainy day. I had been there once before but my friend hadn’t, which is a shame as the exhibition is very interesting. There seems to be a temporary one that always changes and then there are the permanent ones.

We started by looking at a lot of tombstones. Apparently, the plague reached Rostock in 1530 and, judging by the tombstones, a lot of people died back then.

Please don’t ask me who was buried here…

The building itself is worth a visit already. We got lovely views of the courtyard. Too bad the weather was bad, but I think it added to the atmosphere.


On the upper floor, we could see how the nuns had lived back in the time. Unfortunately, most of their rooms have been destroyed – not even because of fire but because at one point, the space was needed for storage so they tore down the beautifully painted wooden walls. Two rooms have been preserved.


On the lower floor, we ended up in a room with a beautiful ceiling. It is such a shame, knowing that some of the beautiful structure had been lost over the centuries.


One of the permanent exhibitions was about regional painters. I didn’t like their paintings much but it was still interesting to see what kind of art was produced up here in Northern Germany one or two centuries ago.


My favourite exhibition must have been the one about toys. They had toys for boys and toys for girl, all of them quite ancient, but I recognised a teddy bear like the one my dad used to have as a child. And there was a building kit for boys using metal pieces, resembling the one I had inherited from my dad and that I had loved to play with as a kid.

Some of the dolls, on the other hand, were very creepy.

I think we made good use of the rainy day. It was certainly interesting and I love exploring the region where I currently live. Who knows where I might end up in the future? My plan is to quit work in about a year and then go travelling around the world so I might never live here again.

What about you? Have you done any fun excursions back home lately?


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