My upcoming trips

I just realised that I will not be around much during spring. I have a couple of upcoming trips that I will write about and I thought I’d give you an update on what you can expect from me in the near future.

At the end of April, my friend and I will go to Bologna for a weekend. I’ve been on a couple of weekend trips to Italy, to Rome, Verona and also to Milan, a city which, shame on me, I never wrote a blog post about. Bologna might not be as famous as Venice or Florence but I’ve heard lots of good things about the city and I’m looking forward to it.

Rome - Trevi
It might not be Rome but I’m sure Bologna will be just as beautiful.

Two weeks later, we will leave for Peru. I am very much looking forward to that trip! Unlike Myanmar, it will be an organised tour. We will start in Lima, fly into the Amazon, hike the Inca Trail and ride a boat around Lake Titicaca. That trip will be my first time in South America and I can’t wait to travel to that continent! Just like I did in Myanmar, I will write posts as I travel to keep you updated on where I am.

After Peru, I will come home for five days and then I’ll leave for London. My friends and I are going to a congress there. Basically, that means that while we will spend some time at the congress, we have already planned lots of sightseeing, too. I’m very much looking forward to it. We got tickets for a tour through the Houses of Parliament and for watching Aladdin, the musical.

By the time I’m back home, May will be over. Unfortunately, my boss didn’t allow me any time off in between May and November. Looks like I will have to go on at least one or two weekend trips to get over that long period of hard work.

What about you? Where are you going to travel during the next months?

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