Local Exploring: A Walk Into Nature

Remember how I told you about my rainy Easter weekend? A week ago, the weather finally improved and we had our first days that truly felt like spring. And since my friend and I didn’t have to work, we jumped at the chance to get outside. In Northern Germany, near Rostock, the city where I live, we have an amazing nature park that I’ve only visited once so far. With the sun shining brightly, the weekend was perfect to return to that place.

The park is similar to a zoo, containing animals that live or have once lived in Germany. Some of them can still be found in the wild, like the deer we saw immediately upon arrival.

Rostock - NuP7

Other animals, like the storks, have become rare in Germany but can still be found in the wild, especially in the least populated parts in the Northeast.

Rostock - NuP6

Some animals can be found that I’d rather wish I didn’t have to deal with. Boars, for example. They terrify me because all I learned as a kid was that when I ran into one, I had to climb up a tree. And have you seen the trees on the pictures, with their smooth stems without branches? How am I supposed to climb up there?

Yet, when we saw the boars, I found them fascinating. Part of it had to do with them being stuck behind a fence and part with the cute little ones that couldn’t have been older than two or three weeks.

Rostock - NuP9
Isn’t it cute?
Rostock - NuP5
Too bad they grow up to look like this. Fascinating fact, by the way. The boar peeled the bananas before eating them.

Not all of the park was covered in woods. We walked through some marshlands with interesting displays of how people have died in them (there was a reconstruction of a dead body being discovered by a worker) and how the marshlands were used back in the time and how we kill them nowadays.

Rostock - NuP8

One of our favourites were the squirrels and the owls. The former are funny to look at while the latter are beautiful birds. Whenever I see them, I’m surprised by how big some of them can grow. The owls, I mean. Not the squirrels.

Rostock - NuP10

Rostock - NuP4
Look, it’s Hedwig.

We soon came to the highlights of the park. Having arrived at noon, we made it to the bear enclosure just in time for them to get fed. It was a funny display, with the bears sitting at the edge of the river, not very enthusiastic to get wet or move at all. Yet, all the food was thrown into the water to get them moving.

Rostock - NuP2

Rostock - NuP3

The wolves were hiding far away from the trails but we were lucky and the lynx paid us a visit. I love that creature, with its elven ears and its gracefulness. I wouldn’t want to run into it in the wild but it was beautiful to watch.

To sum it up, we had an amazing day and I’m glad we went. I need to remember to come back there one day, either this summer or next spring.


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