A Weekend of Industrial Monuments – Part 2

As I told you a couple of days ago, I went to see my parents about two weeks ago. They live in a region of Germany that was once well-known for its coal and metal industry and at first glance, it isn’t the most beautiful place in the world. But it is a region that I like for its incredible offer of things to do and places to see.

Saturday, we went to a place called the “Gasometer”. It is a huge tower which was once used to store gas. What kind of gas, you wonder? I have no idea. I just know that it must have been A LOT of gas and that at one point, it wasn’t needed anymore.

Bochum - Gasometer 1Bochum - Gasometer 2

I didn’t realise how huge it was until I stood next to the tower and looked up.

When the industry was shut down, the building remained, standing tall in the middle of nowhere. People soon realised that instead of tearing it down, it could as well be transformed into a museum. Since then, various exhibitions have been on display in the Gasometer. I had never gone there but when my parents told me that these days, they had an exhibition called “Wonders of Nature”, I knew that I wanted to see it.

Bochum - Gasometer 3

The Gasometer consists of three levels, with a huge space above the upper level. On the ground floor and on the first floor, photographers displayed their work. There were many pictures of animals and plants and on the second floor, they had also put up various fossils.

Bochum - Gasometer 4

Some pictures were funny to look at. Others reminded me of places I had been to, like the picture of the grey reef sharks (remind me to tell you about that story one day).

Bochum - Gasometer 5
Aren’t they scary?

Others were just really cute, like the turtle below.

Bochum - Gasometer 6
After having seen this picture, the day I was back at work, I changed the background to a hatching turtle on our computer. My colleague never admitted it but I think he found it cute as hell, too.

I would have been happy just with watching the pictures but the real highlight and the reason most visitors came was the globe they had put up on the third floor.

The third floor is huge. We sat down near the walls, leaned back and watched Earth, as it rotated around its axis. Day and night changed and they even had a display of the different seasons, too.

Bochum - Gasometer 7

There is a glass elevator inside the tower which allows people to get to the top. My dad didn’t want to but my mum and I used it and enjoyed the views from up there. We tried to make out our home but I think we were too far away to see anything.

Bochum - Gasometer 8
No chance anyone can fall off that tower…

We were so far behind in the elevator, we didn’t see anything when we went up. But on our way down, we were waiting on a platform on the upper level and we could look down on earth. It was quite impressive.

Bochum - Gasometer 9

I loved the Gasometer and I’m glad we went. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday back home. Plus, I find it fascinating how ugly industrial buildings can be turned into such interesting places. Maybe next time I go and see my parents, there’s a different exhibition in there that will be worth seeing.


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