Breakfast in the Lufthansa Lounge

Last year, I went on so many weekend trips that I managed to get the Frequent Traveller with Lufthansa’s airmiles programm. I was far from having flown enough miles but with lots of stop overs, I had been on 30 Star Alliance flights and, at the end of the year, I received a silver Frequent Traveller card.

You don’t get many privileges as a Lufthansa Frequent Traveller but one that I have come to love is access to Lufthansa lounges as long as I’m booked on a Star Alliance flight. So this morning, once we had dropped off our luggage and gone through security, our first stop was Hamburg’s Lufthansa Business Lounge.

The lounge itself isn’t that special. There are always empty chairs available and they’re more comfortable than the ones in the regular departure area but what really makes it worth it is the food.

You all know that food at airports is ridiculously expensive, right? We got a free breakfast here.

There was a selection of bread rolls and whole grain bread (we’re in Germany, after all, and Germans LOVE their bread), cheese, ham and jam, scrambled eggs, yoghurt, fresh fruit and lots of drinks to choose from. Do you see the champagne on the table? What better way to start a holiday?

On a side note, our flight to New York is already delayed so keep your fingers crossed for us that we’ll make the connection. If not, we could be rebooked on a flight to Bogota and then to Lima but that’s just another stop over with a chance to miss the connection.

I’ll keep you updated.

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