Photographs of Machu Picchu

When I told you about the Inca Trail, I cut off the moment we arrived in Macchu Picchu. This is the post I promised, about the amazing Inca city so well hidden on top of a mountain that it took years to find it.

Did you know that it hadn’t been lost completely? A local family lived up there, using the land, farming in the middle of the ruins. Maybe they didn’t think the place was worth mentioning. Or maybe news travelled so slowly back at the time, that Macchu Picchu would have been lost for much longer if researchers hadn’t been looking for it. Fact is, in today’s time, with so many people having access to internet, lost cities don’t remain a secret for that long anymore.

But enough of that. Let me show you pictures of why it was worth hiking the Inca Trail.

Peru - Inca Trail 36

Amazing, isn’t it? And don’t forget about the local wildlife. We managed to see a chinchilla up there. And a very long millepede.

The only downside to Macchu Picchu was that by the time we got there, we were so tired, we could barely enjoy the place. But at least, we came the same way as the Incas once did. Plus, now that I’m back home, the tiredness is forgotten and, as is often the case with holidays, mostly positive memories remain. So I can definitely recommend choosing the Inca Trail to get there.

But if you have the time, make sure to stay one night in the village at the bottom of the mountain and come back again the next day. That way, you can take a shower, rest and then make the most out of your visit.

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