My upcoming trips

I just realised that I will not be around much during spring. I have a couple of upcoming trips that I will write about and I thought I’d give you an update on what you can expect from me in the near future. At the end of April, my friend and I will go to … More My upcoming trips

The Need to Move

A couple of hours ago, I went on Facebook. Five minutes later, I was staring at my screen, feeling like I had been punched in the stomach. It all started a while ago, when I went on a two-week holiday to Mongolia. I had a lot of fun and met many awesome people, a couple … More The Need to Move


Travelers are often called nomads. And I think each of us has felt like they deserve that title. Staying in a place for two or three nights, then moving on to the next. Never settling for too long because just behind the horizon, there’s another place to explore. But I never learned the real meaning … More Nomads