A Day in Cusco

My plan was to tell you all about the Inca Trail. I sat down in front of the tiny heater in our hotel room and started writing. After one hour, my fingers had turned blue from the cold but the satisfaction I got from having finished the post more than made up for it. I … More A Day in Cusco

Highlights of Yangon

Today, my friend and I explored Yangon. We had an awesome day and I want to share the city’s highlights with you. 1. Yangon’s colonial treasures Lonely Planet suggests a walking tour through downtown Yangon. The city center is chaotic, noisy and dirty but if you take a second look, you’ll see many ancient colonial … More Highlights of Yangon

Highlights of Madrid

We had the choice between Turin and Madrid. Both flights were affordable, both return flights at decent hours and both cities intriguing enough for us to want to go there. In the end, it was my friend who decided, telling us she had never been to Spain. We couldn’t keep her from that beautiful country, … More Highlights of Madrid