Goat Polo

The man cut the goat’s throat with a swift movement. I winced at the gargling sound, yet was unable to look away as blood streamed into a bucket. Death came quickly. Within seconds, the animal stopped struggling. The Kyrgyz girls continued playing, not bothering by the scene unfolding next to them. It wasn’t until one … More Goat Polo

Endless Summer

I can’t remember the first time I saw him. It must have been on my first Senegalese morning. I had arrived late the previous night, my plane having landed at midnight. Samba and Samba had come to the airport to pick me up and we had waited for a group of Danish guys for two … More Endless Summer

Under attack

I’ve told you all about the terrifying experience of having to kill a giant white spider. Lucy was a white widow, by the way. My friend researched it for me. I looked her up online, shuddered and closed the browser. But besides spiders, there are other creatures in Mongolia that are just as dangerous. Maybe … More Under attack